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About the Virus Alias Database

This page aims to provide a resource to track known aliases of various viruses. This is in response to numerous requests for such a database on the clamav-users discussion list. It draws its information from various sources, including publically available information on the internet (such as vendor's web sites), the output of the clamav sigtool program, information distributed on the clamav-virusdb and clamav-users lists and my own experience.
Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, and (due partly to the automated method of building the database) there are likely to be errors, there are definately many omissions. The presence of an alias, or its absense should not be taken to mean that a certain scanner will or will not detect a virus. The database is rebuilt on a rolling 6 hour cycle, so does not reflect new viruses in the last few hours. Data for viruses first detected more than seven days ago is refreshed once per week.
I hope you find this site useful
Kevin Spicer (kevin at kevinspicer dot co dot uk)
April 2004


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  • 27 Jan 2006 The site has been up and down for the last month (mostly down) this was mainly due to a faulty motherboard on my machine, followed ParcelForce (or ParcelFarce perhaps) repeatedly failing to deliver the replacement. The replacement turned out to be faulty itself and had to be returned. I've just installed motherboard no 3, and so far all seems well (fingers crossed). It will be a few days before the database catches up and sorts itself out. In the longer term free porn games Mick Weiss of the ClamWin project has kindly offered to host the database - no news yet on when this is going to happen but once it does this page will disappear.
    7 March 2005 It looks like Vexira (Central Command) have reorganised their site and moved or removed their virus definitions. Therefore links to Vexira are no longer black121chat valid and should vanish from the database over the next week or so. Theres also currently an issue with Sophos, as they've had a bit of a redesign too - I hope thats fixable though as the information is still there. Update It certainly is fixable, and is indeed now fixed. Unfortunately the problem caused some garbage to find its way into the database - so you may see some very strange Sophos aliases! These should work their way out of the database over the next week.
    8 May 2004 Now also indexing Sophos, F-Prot, Norman and Vexira. I've also added some code to remove viruses not found by any of the indexing methods during the previous week or so. This should remove some of the odd things that got in due to inadequate text processing in some of the indexing code (hopefully that has now been fixed)
    25 Apr 2004 Added two extra methods of picking up Clam aliases, 1) Parse the virusdb list emails for aliases - this isn't very reliable as the format of these emails seems to be rather fluid. 2) Parse virus reports from MailScanner to pick up names as reported by different scanners for the same file. The search is now adult porn games a bit more flexible, and I've dropped the requirement to only search for virus names according to Clam (as sometimes people may want to know the Clam name for a virus detected by other scanners).
    17 Apr 2004 This is the first proof of concept implementation, currently indexing viruses from ClamAV, free porn games F-Secure and Symantec. As such the number of known aliases is limited, also the appearance sucks and theres not a great deal of functionality in the search.